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News Articles

The following news articles, relating to affordable housing, homelessness, and associated topics, have been collected from a variety of sources. They do not represent the views and/or policies of the Housing Authority of the County of Butte, but are provided for public information and use.

Date Article Publisher Link
01/17/2023 ASU asked developers how Arizona can build more housing. Here's what they said The Arizona Republic, by Juliette Rihl Download Document
01/09/2023 What happens when you lose your home at 72? WGBH, by Liz Neisloss Download Document
01/05/2023 Relentless Rents Leave Few Choices for Americans Relying on Assistance Renters under the Section 8 voucher program are struggling to find apartments that meet their needs and fall within a tight budget Bloomberg, by Sarah Holder and Airielle Lowe Download Document
12/24/2022 An exhaustive look at the true cause of homelessness Chico Enterprise Record, by Dan Walters Download Document
12/15/2022 The most successful strategy for ending homelessness is under attack “Housing first” works, but it takes money, commitment, and, well, housing. Vox, by Rachel M. Cohen Download Document
12/15/2022 The Obvious Answer to Homelessness And why everyone's ignoring it The Atlantic, by Jerusalem Demsas Download Document
12/06/2022 A look into the land use of Valley’s Edge Chico Enterprise-Record, by Jake Hutchison Download Document
12/01/2022 This California City Needs Housing. But is a New Development Destined to Burn? Still reeling from the 2018 Camp Fire, Chico residents are divided over a large new subdivision planned in the path of the last blaze. Grist, by Jake Bittle Download Document
11/30/2022 Out of Reach: Why San Antonio can't get a grip on its affordable housing crisis With construction costs and interest rates soaring, developers are struggling to make the numbers work for their affordable housing projects. San Antonio Current, by Richard Webner Download Document
11/30/2022 Why half of affordable housing vouchers in CT go unused: ‘A slamming door in my face’ Government red tape, hot housing market among top reasons why low-income residents struggle to use vouchers CT Insider, by Jacqueline Rabe Thomas Download Document
06/08/2022 Remembering Daisy Lane A long-forgotten black neighborhood was demolished for the Chico’s first public-housing project Chico News & Review, by Addison Winslow Download Document
05/04/2022 A California startup is offering cocoon-like pods to allow 14 residents to share a single house as an escape from soaring rents and real estate prices Business Insider, by Dominick Reuter Download Document
03/31/2022 How to Solve the Housing Crisis with One Weird Trick American cities are (finally) beginning to hear about social housing. The American Prospect, by Ryan Cooper Download Document
02/22/2022 The Record-Breaking Rental Market JCHS, Harvard, by Whitney Airgood-Obrycki Download Document
01/28/2022 Denver must build more than 50,000 affordable homes to meet demand. The city’s largest affordable housing developer can build around 300. The city’s largest affordable housing developer can’t keep up with the need. Slate, by Sabiha Zinulbhai and Nora Daly Download Document
01/28/2022 The Evictions that Landlords Got Away with During the Pandemic They didn’t need housing court to force out tenants. We’re only now grasping how big the problem really is. Slate, by Sabiha Zinulbhai and Nora Daly Download Document
01/08/2022 I’m homeless in California. And I have an easy, cost-free solution to homelessness The Sacramento Bee, by Lydia Blumberg Download Document
09/20/2021 Biden Is Trying to Make Housing More Affordable. Without State Action, It’s Not Enough. Barron’s Commentary, by Gary Painter Download Document
09/16/2021 California Housing Is a Crisis Newsom Can Take Into His Own Hands Having survived a recall vote, the governor is free to focus on the state’s homeless population and housing shortage. He has more room to maneuver than he did when he first took office. New York Times, by Conor Dougherty Download Document
09/16/2021 How France overcame NIMBYism to create affordable housing Quartz, by Camille Squires, Cities reporter Download Document
09/11/2021 Opinion | It’s Time to Dismantle America’s Residential Caste System Politico, by Sheryll Cashin Download Document
08/28/2021 Millennials just scored a housing victory over boomers in the California legislature. The fight to solve America's affordability crisis is on. Business Insider, by Ben Winck and Andy Kiersz Download Document
08/11/2021 How Boxabl Is Revolutionizing Affordable Housing with Its Unfolding House, and Customers Including Elon Musk Want In Forbes, by Afdhel Aziz, Contributor Download Document
08/08/2021 The Market Is Incapable of Creating Affordable Housing An interview with Dan Threet Jacobin Magazine, by Luke Savage Download Document
07/21/2021 The California Dream Is Dying The once-dynamic state is closing the door on economic opportunity. The Atlantic, by Conor Friedersdorf Download Document
07/19/2021 Loneliness Is Breaking America New York Times, Opinion, by Michelle Goldberg Download Document
07/16/2021 They helped create California's unattainable housing market. Now they can't afford to buy. NBC News, by Olivia Solon and April Glaser Download Document
06/08/2021 How California Homelessness Became A Crisis NPR, by Greg Rosalsky Download Document
05/14/2021 Los Angeles’s quixotic quest to end homelessness Housing is scarce and homelessness is rising. That’s not a coincidence. Vox, by Jerusalem Demsas Download Document
05/07/2021 A Climate Dystopia in Northern California California’s divided and fire-scarred cities, reeling from climate disasters, need a Green New Deal. The Intercept, by Naomi Klein Download Document
04/29/2021 City Councils Are Villains of the Housing Crisis Their members have too much power over what gets built—or, more often, what doesn’t. Slate.com, by Henry Grabar Download Document
03/05/2021 ‘This Is Unprecedented’: Why America’s Housing Market Has Never Been Weirder In America’s largest, richest cities, home prices and rents are going in opposite directions. The Atlantic, by Derek Thompson Download Document
02/16/2021 California Cities Rethink the Single-Family Neighborhood KQED.org, by Erin Baldassari Download Document
02/12/2021 The Californians Are Coming. So Is Their Housing Crisis. Is it possible to import growth without also importing housing problems? “I can’t point to a city that has done it right.” The New York Times, by Conor Dougherty Download Document
02/01/2021 Perverse and Unfair: The Radical Steps to Fix the Housing Crisis On the history of the single-family home in America, alternative modes of housing, and what it will take to fix the housing market. The Nation, by Marianela D’Aprile Download Document
02/00/2021 Social Housing Is Becoming a Mainstream Policy Goal in the US Slowly but surely, the idea of social housing — a public housing model most commonly associated with the socialist government of “Red Vienna” — is moving from being a leftist dream to a concrete policy agenda item in a number of US states. Jacobin, by Galen Herz Download Document
12/16/2020 The Great Real Estate Reset A data-driven initiative to remake how and what we build The Brookings Institute, by Christopher Coes, Jennifer S. Vey, and Tracy Hadden Loh Download Document
12/14/2020 Building more housing lowers rents for everyone City Observatory, City Commentary by Joe Cortrright Download Document
12/08/2020 Should Biden Go Big on Public Housing? A major federal investment in public housing could tackle several urgent needs at once, from Covid stimulus to climate change, say progressive advocates. CityLab, by Kriston Capps Download Document
12/01/2020 Capitalism 'will collapse on itself' without more empathy and love: Scott Galloway Yahoo Finance, by Adam Shapiro Download Document
10/21/2020 Want to fix the housing crisis? Give young people the right to a subsidized home We need to forget about ‘affordability’ and focus on providing good quality housing for everyone The Guardian, by Sonia Sodha Download Document
09/23/2020 Building housing — lots of it — will lay the foundation for a new future A massive boom in new construction would create countless jobs and help finally end the legacy of racist housing policies. Vox, by Matthew Yglesias Download Document
07/21/2020 Tracing the Invisible Danger of Household Crowding Difficult to measure and pervasive in low-income areas, residential overcrowding drives up the Covid-19 rate among Latinos in San Francisco’s gentrified Mission District. CityLab, by Laura Bliss and Lorena Rios Download Document
07/06/2020 CityLab University: Understanding Homelessness in America As economic disruption threatens to trigger a spike in housing instability, here’s an essential primer on the causes and consequences of a thorny urban problem. Bloomberg CityLab, by Benjamin Schneider Download Document
06/23/2020 Bungalow Courts Make the Best NeighborsThe 350 that remain in L.A. are some of the city’s most desirable housing. Curbed, by Hadley Meares Download Document
06/16/2020 THE CAMP FIRE PUBLIC REPORT A SUMMARY OF THE CAMP FIRE INVESTIGATION Butte County District Attorney's office, by Michael L. Ramsey, Mark Murphy, Juan Diaz Download Document
06/03/2020 A Look at Housing Inequality and Racism in the U.S. Forbes, by Dina Williams Download Document
05/15/2020 America’s Cities Could House Everyone, if They Chose ToOur housing crisis is a symptom of America’s wealth, and its indifference. New York Times, Opinion, by Binyamin Appelbaum Download Document
05/11/2020 Utah was once lauded for solving homelessness — the reality was far more complicated The Salt Lake Tribune, by Bethany Rodgers Download Document
05/10/2020 Can Alternative Living Encampments Help with the Homelessness Crisis? Longmont Observer, By Peter Rice, High Country News Download Document
05/02/2020 Cancel Rent Even before the pandemic, three in five renters could not come up with $400 in an emergency. How are they supposed to get by now? The Atlantic, by Annie Lowrey Download Document
04/22/2020 Inequality and Poverty Were Destroying America Well Before Covid-19 This crisis shows us how an economy oriented around the whims of the rich leaves death and destruction in its wake. The Nation, by Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis Download Document
03/09/2020 5 essential books to understand the housing crisis It’s not your fault that you can’t afford a home—it’s government policy, ruthless banks, and discrimination Curbed, by Diana Budds Download Document
03/06/2020 This village for the homeless just got a new addition: 3D-printed houses Icon is printing full houses to give Austin’s homeless a real home to live in. Fast Company, by Adele Peters Download Document
02/27/2020 Seattle Illustrates How Big Cities’ Limits on New Housing Contribute to Homelessness Institute for Justice, by Andrew Wimer, Contributor Download Document
02/25/2020 Best practices for ending exclusive single-family zoningYour city or state just allowed—or is considering allowing—multiple units on every lot. Here are six tips for successful implementation of the Missing Middle. Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU), Public Square, by Dan Parolek Download Document
02/27/2020 New York City Needs a Public Housing Renaissance Public housing today could be so much better—architecturally and urbanistically—than it was in the 20th century Curbed, by Karrie Jacobs Download Document
02/07/2020 The Great Affordability Crisis Breaking America In one of the best decades the American economy has ever recorded, families were bled dry. The Atlantic, by Annie Lowrey Download Document
02/02/2020 New Homelessness Czar Takes Aim at Longstanding Policy The Wall Street Journal, by Ben Kesling Download Document
01/31/2020 America’s Rental Affordability Crisis is Climbing the Income Ladder Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, by Whitney Airgood-Obrycki Download Document
01/30/2020 Will upzoning neighborhoods make homes more affordable? Cities and states across the country are proposing new upzoning laws to combat the housing crisis. Will they work? Curbed, by Diana Budds Download Document
01/28/2020 Everything You Think You Know About Housing Is Probably Wrong In cities, many people think “density” means crowded neighborhoods and greedy developers, but a new show at the Skyscraper Museum tells a different story. New York Times, by Michael Kimmelman Download Document
01/21/2020 Washington to Consider Re-legalizing Duplexes and Rowhouses Statewide Allowing modest choices in detached house neighborhoods would help more families find affordable homes and cut climate pollution. Sightline Institute, by Dan Bertolet Download Document
01/16/2020 Homeless students suffer with housing, food insecurity Enterprise Record, by Natalie Hanson Download Document
01/14/2020 Growing Cities Up California’s SB 50 is a model for addressing the urban housing crisis City-Journal, by Christopher S. Elmendorf Download Document
01/13/2020 What Would It Take to End Homelessness? Monday: Margot Kushel, a leading researcher on homelessness, weighs in. New York Times, by Jill Cowan and Conor Dougherty Download Document
01/09/2020 Invisible Walls - Separated by Design: How wealthy towns keep people with housing vouchers out The Connecticut News Project, by Jacqueline Rabe Thomas Download Document
01/09/2020 Why the Housing Crisis is a Problem for Everyone — Even Wealthy Homeowners American University Radio - WAMU.org, by Ally Schweitzer Download Document
12/30/2019 “We’ve lost our compass.” For California’s most visible mentally ill, is a return to forced treatment a solution —or a false promise? CalMatters, by Jocelyn Wiener Download Document
12/30/2019 The facts on housing affordability in the United States PolitiFact, by Bill McCarthy Download Document
12/19/2019 Just another Crazy Idea to End Homelessness CityWatchLA, by Mark Lipman Download Document
12/10/2019 Cities are criminalizing homelessness by banning people from camping in public. That's the wrong approach, report says USA TODAY, by Kristin Lam Download Document
12/10/2019 An Open Letter to California Officials: Housing First ACLU of Northern California, by Eve Garrow Download Document
12/5/2019 One U.S. city might do away with apartment security deposits CBS News, by KhristopherJ Brooks Download Document
12/03/2019 San Francisco has nearly five empty homes per homeless resident And the Bay Area's ten largest cities combined sport three empty homes for every two persons without one Curbed, by Adam Brinklow Download Document
12/02/2019 Design Justice for an Unjust World Op-ed: How architecture is challenging privilege and power Next City.org, by Bryan Lee, Jr./ Download Document
12/02/2019 How a small Texas city rewrote the rules of development Bastrop, Texas, found that updating the building code meant getting back on the grid Curbed, by Patrick Sisson Download Document
11/22/2019 California Homeowners Have 20 Uninhabited Bedrooms for Every Homeless Person The search for housing justice shouldn't ignore the empty luxury spaces we subsidize most. Sightline. org, by Michael Anderson Download Document
11/19/2019 'The California price': Why it costs so much to build a home in the Golden State PolitiFact, by Chris Nichols Download Document
11/18/2019 Houston, we have a solution: How the city curbed homelessness Christian Science Monitor, by Henry Gass Download Document
11/15/2019 A Crash Course on How to Handle Homelessness Truthdig, by Joel Bellman Download Document
11/05/2019 The United States of inequality: this timeline will help you keep track of how we got here Post-WWII reforms like the New Deal and the ensuing consolidation of the labor movement increased income equality in the U.S., but the playing field started to tilt in the 1970s due to the forces of globalization and pro-corporate government policies that hurt the working class. LONG READ, by Abby Kingsley Download Document
10/30/2019 Why not a Marshall Plan for affordable housing? The Hill, by Richard F. Burns Download Document
10/23/2019 Untangling the Housing Shortage and Gentrification Untangling these related but different problems is important, because the tactics for solving one won't work for the other. City Lab, by Devin Michelle Bunten Download Document
10/21/2019 'Like heaven on Earth': nonprofit envisions 'microhome community' for Tulare County's homeless Visalia Times-Delta, by Joshua Yeager Download Document
10/21/2019 The era of single-family homes has ended. We need density in all parts of Sacramento The Sacramento Bee, by Gabriela Chavez and Ansel Lundberg Download Document
09/20/2019 Parking Reform Will Save the City Cities that require builders to provide off-street parking trigger more traffic, sprawl, and housing unaffordability. But we can break the vicious cycle. CityLab, Perspective, by Donald Shoup Download Document
09/13/2019 Open Forum: Four ways to fix the California housing crisis San Francisco Chronicle, Opinion, by Ben Metcalf Download Document
09/05/2019 Why Can't California Solve Its Housing Crisis? It's the epicenter of the tech industry and the wealthiest, most progressive state in the union, but homelessness is surging - and no one can agree on how to fix it Rolling Stone, by Tessa Stuart Download Document
09/2019 Documenting the Long-Run Decline in Low-Cost Rental Units in the US by State ELIZABETH LA JEUNESSE, ALEXANDER HERMANN, DANIEL MCCUE, JONATHAN SPADER Download Document
08/28/2019 NIMBYism is a California thing, and it's wrecking cities. Consider Loomis Special to CalMatters, by Bruce Maiman Download Document
08/19/2019 Counties in the Greater Sacramento Region are Struggling to Produce their Fair Share of Housing California Housing Partnership Download Document
08/06/2019 California Struggles to Sprawl in an Environmentally Responsible Way A development 60 miles from downtown Los Angeles will provide necessary housing but may increase emissions. Bloomberg Businessweek, by Edvard Pettersson Download Document
08/02/2019 To house almost 600 homeless people, a Venice couple are working outside the system The Los Angeles Times, by Doug Smith Download Document
08/01/2019 The Double Whammy: Housing and Income Inequality New research shows how housing and income inequality reinforce one another, effectively splitting the U.S. into two different economies. CityLab, by Richard Florida Download Document
08/2019 Eliminating Exclusionary Land Use Regulations Should Be the Civil Rights Issue of Our Time MICHAEL STEGMAN Download Document
07/31/2019 Camp Fire Couple Ready to Move Out of State After Struggling To Find Section 8 Housing CBS Sacramento, by Rachel Wulff Download Document
07/31/2019 A Century of Public Housing: Lessons from Singapore, where Housing is a Social, not Financial, Asset The Conversation, by John Bryson Download Document
07/28/2019 Golis: Why fewer people will be living in single-family homes The Press Democrat, by Pete Golis Download Document
07/23/2019 Homeless housing developer aims to bring back the bungalow court A South LA project might be LA 's first new bungalow court in 70 years LA Curbed, by Elijah Chiland Download Document
07/23/2019 Mapping the Effects of California's Prop 13 Strong Towns, by Connor Nielsen Download Document
07/20/2019 Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies Releases Annual Report www.ichs.harvard.edu Download Document
07/19/2019 Oregon vowed not to become California - and passed sweeping housing crisis legislation Los Angeles Times, by Liam Dillon Download Document
07/16/2019 The Homelessness Crisis Is Getting So Bad That Cities Are Now Building Their Own Camps Vice, by Emma Ockerman Download Document
07/14/2019 Chico, rural communities losing affordability in deepening statewide housing crisis Rural housing may no longer meet basic affordability standards Download Document
07/11/2019 How Minneapolis Freed Itself from the Stranglehold of Single-Family Homes Desperate to build more housing, the city just rewrote its decades-old zoning rules. Politico, by Erick Trickey Download Document
06/19/2019 These are the most expensive counties in the US to rent. Hint: they're all in the Bay Area You have to make $127,000 a year to rent here Bay Area News Group, by Marisa Kendall Download Document
06/19/2019 The California Housing Crisis and the Problem with Local Control National Review, by James Sutton Download Document
06/18/2019 Modest Housing Remains Out of Reach for Low-Wage Renters An individual earning the federal minimum wage must work 103 hours a week to afford a one-bedroom rental home. Affordable Housing Finance, by Christine Serlin Download Document
06/18/2019 Why Housing Policy Feels Like Generational Warfare To Millennials, at least National Review, by Alexis C. Madrigal Download Document
06/15/2019 Americans Need More Neighbors A big idea in Minneapolis points the way for other cities desperately in need of housing. The New York Times, by The Editorial Board Download Document
06/11/2019 Hey, middle class, the housing crisis is coming for you next As housing prices keep rising, new study finds Americans higher and higher up the income spectrum feel the pinch Curbed, by Patrick Sisson Download Document
06/05/2019 How Luxury Units Turn Into Affordable Housing Building more high-end apartments doesn't sound like a quick fix for the affordable housing crisis. But maybe you just have to look harder. CityLab, by Nolan Gray Download Document
5/31/2019 Are We Fighting a War on Homelessness? Or a War on the Homeless? The New York Times, By Ginia Bellafante Download Document
05/23/2019 Homelessness is ugly. But some of our views about this problem are ugly too. The Olympian, by The Olympian Editorial Board Download Document
05/21/2019 The devastating biological consequences of homelessness Understanding why living on the street seems to cause rapid aging could help homeless people - and governments. Nature, by Amy Maxmen Download Document
05/19/2019 Why America Can't Solve Homelessness As the face of homelessness changes, politicians cling to limited policy ideas and quick fixes. Huffington Post, by Michael Hobbes Download Document
05/01/2019 Waters Releases Draft of Housing is Infrastructure Bill The proposal seeks $70 billion for public housing capital fund and more. Affordable Housing Finance, by Donna Kimura Download Document
04/27/2019 California Has a Housing Crisis. The Answer Is More Housing. A bill clearing tile way for more urban development in tile state would help address affordable housing and climate change. The New York Times, by The Editorial Board Download Document
02/20/2019 The Fight to Reduce Homelessness This New Jersey County Was the 1st In The U.S. To End Chronic Homelessness WBUR.org, by Jeremy Hobson and Serena McMahon Download Document
12/31/2018 'It's like we don't exist': California's invisible rural housing crisis The Christian Science Monitor, by Martin Kuz Download Document
12/27/2018 Rural Housing Crisis Looms for Low-Income Renters The nation is not keeping pace with repairing and replacing more than 400,000 affordable rentals. Huffington Post, by Jan Pytalski Download Document
12/24/2018 How San Diego voters make homes less affordable The San Diego Union-Tribune, by Mark Powell Download Document
12/23/2018 Resistance to development stands in way of prosperity San Francisco Chronicle, by Joe Mathews Download Document
12/7/2018 Why Minneapolis Just Made Zoning History The ambitious Minneapolis 2040 plan will encourage more dense housing development in single-family neighborhoods. Citylab.com, by Kriston Capps Download Document
12/05/2018 How Northern California's destructive wildfires could exacerbate the state's housing crisis Los Angeles Times, by Liam Dillon, Paradise, CA Download Document
11/29/2018 Work as one state to fight homelessness - and NIMBYism The Press-Enterprise, by The Editorial Board Download Document
11/29/2018 The Man-Made Affordable-Housing 'Crisis' The National Review Download Document
11/13/2018 I Used to Be Homeless-and Here's What Everyone Gets Wrong About It Reader's Digest, By Mark Anthony DiBello, as told to Charlotte Hilton Andersen Download Document
08/13/2018 The human side of California's housing meltdown Capitol Weekly, by Barbara Harvey, Kristopher Hooks, and Marivel Guzman Download Document
08/06/2018 Both renters and homeowners could benefit from better housing policy Brookings, by Jenny Schuetz, David M Rubenstein Fellow Download Document
08/06/2018 In expensive cities, rents fall for the rich - but rise for the poor The Washington Post, by Jeff Stein Download Document
07/24/2018 Billionaires in Space: Escapist Fantasies in the 'Age of the Refugee' TruthDig, by Jacob Bacharach Download Document
07/16/2018 Update on The War on Poverty: Poverty is Winning Daily Kos, by Camillus, Community Download Document
07/16/2018 We Don't Need More Affordable Housing, We Need More Housing So It Will Be Affordable Forbes, by Roger Valdez, Contributor Download Document
07/05/2018 Criminalizing Homelessness Violates Basic Human Rights Despite a UN report on poverty in the US, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti doubles down on cruel, anti-poor laws. The Nation, by John Raphling Download Document
06/14/2018 Why there are so many unsheltered homeless people on the West Coast The Conversation, by Margot Kushel Download Document
06/14/2018 There's No Place in the U.S. Where a Minimum Wage Worker Can Afford a 2-Bedroom Apartment Fortune Download Document
06/13/2018 Bleak New Figures Show Just How Unaffordable Rent Is In Every U.S. State Buffington Post, by Laura Paddison Download Document
06/02/2018 Los Angeles tenants increasingly engaging in rent strikes amid housing crisis The Washington Post, by Rob Kuznia Download Document
05/24/2018 Amazon Battles Seattle - and Loses Truthdig, by Sonali Kolhatkar Download Document
05/24/2018 California is paying for this housing crisis, and not just in mortgages and rents The Sacramento Bee, by F Noel Perry and Adam Fowler Download Document
05/24/2018 California's housing shortage is not sustainable The Orange County Register, by The Editorial Board Download Document
05/24/2018 Meet the Rising New Housing Movement That Wants to Create Homes for All From rent regulation to social housing, activists are pushing for serious solutions to the affordable-housing crisis. The Nation, by Jimmy Tobias Download Document
05/17/2018 In the second Gilded Age, the mansions get bigger, and the homeless get closer The capital of America's second Gilded Age is Los Angeles, where homes worth tens of millions of dollars look out over a city in which the middle class struggles to afford shelter and the number of homeless increases daily USA Today, by Rick Hampson Download Document
05/15/2018 Why Don't People Who Can't Afford Housing Just Move Where It's Cheaper? California is in fact losing population to domestic migration, but for many people, the calculation is more about social networks than economics. New York Times, by Emily Badger Download Document
05/14/2018 The "Meteoric Rise" Of Confusion About Housing Economics Forbes, by Roger Valdez Download Document
05/11/2018 Editorial: The Bay Area's housing crisis has become an emergency San Francisco Chronicle, by Chronicle Editorial Board Download Document
05/11/2018 What the Future of Affordable Housing Already Looks Like An exhibit on selected projects across Europe offers a few ideas for a U.S. audience Citylab, By Teresa Mathew Download Document
05/10/2018 The wrong remedy: Faced with a housing crisis, California could further restrict supply Rent control sounds appealing but is counter-productive The Economist Download Document
05/09/2018 I Will Do Anything to End Homelessness Except Build More Homes McSweeney's, by Homa Mojtabai Download Document
05/08/2018 Homelessness: Addressing the Humanitarian Crisis in Our Midst Non Profit Quarterly, by Derrick Rhavn Download Document
05/05/2018 America's Housing Crisis Is Spreading To Smaller Cities Huffington Post, by Michael Hobbes Download Document
05/04/2018 There's Good Besides the Bad and Ugly of Public Housing Next City, bySamantha Maldonado Download Document
05/03/2018 5 reasons California's housing costs are so high CALmatters, by Matt Levin Download Document
04/30/2018 Hope for California's Housing Crisis? Golden State residents and analysts weigh in on the issue of supply and demand. US. News & World Report, by Kateri Wozny, Contributor Download Document
04/30/2018 Creating Affordable Housing Opportunities Means Talking Equity To attain affordable housing for all, we must build public support by shifting narratives away from consumer choice and personal responsibility. Stanford Social Innovation Review, by Tiffany Manuel and Nat Kendall-Taylor Download Document
04/30/2018 Punishing people living on the streets won't resolve the problem San Francisco Chronicle, by Kate Hellenga Download Document
04/30/2018 Tolerant San Francisco fed up with dirty, smelly streets Associated Press, by Janie Har Download Document
04/25/2018 Almost half of homeless men had traumatic brain injury in their lifetime St. Michael's Hospital Download Document
04/16/2018 California's Housing Crisis: Working but on the Brink of Homelessness NPR, by Kirk Siegler and Linda Wang Download Document
04/16/2018 California's housing shortage is the biggest in the nation, by far State must build more than half the 7M housing units needed in US The Real Deal Download Document
04/12/2018 First-Ever Evictions Database Shows: 'We're In the Middle Of A Housing Crisis' NPR, by Terry Gross Download Document
04/11/2018 San Francisco's Homeless Encampments Expose the Failure of a Liberal Utopia In America's most liberal city, increasingly visible homeless camps are a stark symbol of San Francisco's economic hollowing out and the failure of progressive governance. The Federalist, by John Daniel Davidson Download Document
04/11/2018 The Global Housing Crisis Scarce, unaffordable housing is not a local problem in a few places, but is baked into the 21st-century global city. It's time for cities, nations, and global leaders to start acting like it. City Lab, by Richard Florida and Benjamin Schneider Download Document
04/10/2018 New: All-Income Social Housing: the Solution to Berkeley's Affordable Housing Crisis Thomas Lord, City of Berkeley Housing Advisory Commissioner Download Document
04/10/2018 Orange County is making the same hapless mistakes on homelessness that L.A. did a decade ago Los Angeles Times, by the Times Editorial Board Download Document
04/05/2018 Why we need social housing in the US An influx of publicly owned, efficiently built apartments would add to the housing supply while minimizing the displacement risks caused by luxury developments The Guardian, by Matt Bruenig Download Document
03/29/2018 California's housing crisis reaches from the homeless to the middle class - but it's still almost impossible to fix Los Angeles Times, by Michael Hiltzik Download Document
03/29/2018 How the Infrastructure Plans Impact Affordable Housing Bipartisan Policy Center, by Jake Varn Download Document
03/29/2018 Vancouver Hopes 'Empty Homes Tax' Can Help Stem Affordability Crisis Next City, by Emily Nonko Download Document
03/28/2018 California's Housing Prices Need to Come Down City Lab, by Issi Romem Download Document
03/23/2018 4 Radical Real Estate Ideas To Fix Our Broken Housing System In almost every community in the U.S., it's clear that market-based housing is not affordable for the vast majority of people. Here are some radical alternative models that are-and that policymakers should consider as ways to make our cities and towns livable and equitable. Fast Company, by Eillie Anzilotti Download Document
03/22/2018 A map reveals of the America's best and affordable housing Business Insider, by Leanna Gar.field Download Document
03/21/2018 Finland's homeless crisis nearly solved. How? By giving homes to all who need The Christian Science Monitor, by Gordon F Sander Download Document
03/20/2018 Audit details astonishing failures in D.C. 's affordable housing trust fund Barely 10,000 affordable housing units were built or saved in 15 years Think Progress, by Alan Pyke Download Document
03/19/2018 Housing as health care: How connecting the two is saving Los Angeles money Christian Science Monitor, by Husna Haq Download Document
03/18/2018 Can manufactured housing ease America's affordable housing crisis? Federal agencies are reviewing financing and regulations in hopes of giving manufactured homes a boost Curbed, by Jeff Andrews Download Document
03/14/2018 Want Affordable Housing? Just Build More of It Urban California should emulate Tokyo, which ensured the supply of dwellings stayed ahead of population growth Bloomberg View, by Noah Smith Download Document
03/13/2018 Study: Hundreds of thousands of Ohioans cannot find affordable housing The Columbus Dispatch by Jim Weiker Download Document
03/13/2018 U.S. Has Gap of Over 7.2 Million Affordable and Available Rental Homes No state has an adequate supply of housing for the lowest-income renters, reports NLIHC Affordable Housing Finance, by Donna Kimura Download Document
03/06/2018 High housing costs and long commutes drive more workers to sleep in cars It's a symptom of a bigger, nationwide problem: the lack of affordable housing near jobs Curbed, by Patrick Sisson Download Document
03/05/2018 A new generation of anti-gentrification radicals are on the march in Los Angeles and around the country Yahoo News, by Andrews Romano and Grance Franke-Ruta Download Document
03/05/2018 Ben Carson of HUD on His Vexing Reign: Brain Surgery Was Easier Than This The New York Times, by Glenn Thrush Download Document
03/05/2018 In California, Momentum Builds for Radical Action on Housing CitiLab, by Benjamin Schneider Download Document
03/01/2018 5 Local Housing Affordability Strategies that Work National League of Cities, by Courtney Coffin and Denise Belser Download Document
02/27/2018 YIMBYism and the Cruel Irony of Metropolitan History StreetsblogLA, by David Levitus Download Document
02/27/2018 Here's what it takes to rent a two-bedroom home throughout California The Sacramento Bee, by Phillip Reese Download Document
01/30/2018 First Step to Expanding Affordable Housing: More Research Urban Institute Researcher Corianne Scally weighs in on the forces that are shaping affordable housing in 2018, and why the industry needs more evidence regarding the most efficient programs solutions. Multi-housing News, by Alexandra Pacurar Download Document
01/29/2018 Manufactured homes could ease the affordable housing crisis. So why are so few being made? Urban Wire: The voices of Urban Institute 's researchers and staff; Urban Institute, by Laurie Goodman, Edward Golding, Alanna McCargo, and Bhargavi Ganesh Download Document
01/29/2018 Lawsuit seeks to stop big California homeless camp shutdown The Associated Press Download Document
01/29/2018 Why Hospitals Are Subsidizing Apartments for The Homeless Homelessness is often both a symptom and a cause of chronic heath issues - and it stands to reason that the health industry should support a solution. Fast Company, by Adele Peters Download Document
01/29/2018 Santa Cruz County housing authority looking for Section 8 landlords Santa Cruz Sentinal, by Jondi Gumz Download Document
01/29/2018 Austerity policies lie at heart of soaring homelessness and related health harms, argue experts Medicalexpress.com, Britich Medical Journal, Download Document
01/26/2018 The Housing Issue Can Belong To Free Market Republicans Forbes, by Roger Valdez Download Document
01/25/2018 Memo to Orange County: Forcing homeless people off a river trail doesn't actually solve homelessness The Los Angeles Times, by The Times Editorial Board, Download Document
01/25/2018 King County is about to count its homeless population. They will probably get it wrong. Seattle Times, by Vianna Davila Download Document
01/24/2018 Hawaii Alliance Calls for Shift in Approach to Homelessness A consortium of Hawaii service providers has renewed the debate over whether clearing homeless encampments actually convinces homeless people to seek shelter. Associated Press Download Document
01/24/2018 California is not alone in its housing crisis, survey of U.S. mayors shows The Mercury News, by Katy Murphy, Bay Area News Group Download Document
01/23/2018 Sheltering people does not address the flaws of an economic system that creates mass homelessness Los Angeles Times, Opinion, Readers React Download Document
01/23/2018 The case for more housing assistance Rental housing assistance is a needed lifeline, especially during a period of rising rents Curbed, by Patrick Sisson Download Document
01/22/2018 Cities in San Diego County increasingly target the homeless, and those helping feed them The Los Angeles Times, by Gary Warth Download Document
01/21/2018 Opinion: How San Jose can build housing our children can afford The Mercury News, by Sam Liccardo Download Document
01/17/2018 The Great Urban Housing Solution That Has No Good Name The Atlantic Download Document
01/17/2018 Mayor Announces Incentives For More Low Income Housing Units SFGate, by Bay City News Service Download Document
01/16/2018 Why tiny ADUs may be a big answer to the urban housing crisis How accessory dwelling units, set to expand on the West Coast, present a small but mighty solution to affordability Curbed, by Patrick Sisson Download Document
01/16/2018 New Bay Area housing trend: Living in the backyard The Mercury News, by Marisa Kendall and Katy Murphy, Bay Area News Group Download Document
01/16/2018 As Rents Rise, Advocates in Multiple Markets Push for New Rent Control Laws In most parts of the U.S., lawmakers are currently not allowed to create new rules to limit by how much landlords can raise rents at their properties. National Real Estate Investor, by Bendix Anderson Download Document
01/16/2018 What if L.A.'s homeless population were a city? Los Angeles Times, by Adam Murray Download Document
01/15/2018 Martin Luther King Jr.'s Vision for Affordable Housing Remains Unfulfilled Observer, by Karen Haycox Download Document
01/11/2018 Legislative Slowdowns Hurt Affordable Development Developers like Essex struggle to get support from cities and employers to create developments with a good return. Multifamily Executive, by Jennifer Castenson Download Document
01/10/2018 25 solutions From A Builder's Perspective To Fix The California Housing Crisis It is more difficult today than it has ever been to bring new housing units to this state, but it shouldn't be. Urbanize.LA, Editorial, by@housingforla Download Document
01/09/2018 California Politicians Misunderstand How to Fix Its Housing Problem I use economic insight to analyze issues and critique policy. Forbes, Opinion, by Jeffrey Dorfman Download Document
01/04/2018 Lawmakers may impose fees on Utah cities that lack affordable housing Bill would encourage cities to build housing for extremely low-income residents, help fund homeless shelters. The Salt Lake Tribune, by Taylor W. Anderson Download Document
01/03/2018 How 'Not in My Backyard' Became 'Not My Neighborhood' The expectation that homeowners should be able to reach beyond their property lines has become deeply embedded The New York Times, by Emily Badger Download Document
01/02/2018 The next steps to ease California's housing crisis The Sacramento Bee, Opinion, by Michael C. Battaglia Download Document
12/29/2017 Sales of new and more-expensive homes rise sharply in Sacramento County The Sacramento Bee, by Hudson Sangree Download Document
12/28/2017 As West Coast Fights Homelessness, Kindness is Contentious Associated Press, by Amy Taxin and Geoff Mulvihill Download Document
12/21/2017 It Doesn't Make Any Sense to Arrest People Who Are Homeless Huff Post, by Eleanor Goldberg Download Document
12/18/2017 Chico feeling impacts from state housing crisis Chico Enterprise Record, by Ashiah Scharaga Download Document
12/15/2017 Trump turning US into 'world champion of extreme inequality', UN envoy warns Special rapporteur Philip Alston, fresh from fact-finding tour, issues devastating critique of US society and condemns 'private wealth and public squalor' The Guardian, by Ed Pilkington Download Document
12/14/2017 Addiction, mental illness complicate help for the homeless The Associated Press, By Phuong Le Download Document
12/12/2017 'It's the Grandparents Stealing From the Grandchildren' The Atlantic, by Eric B. Schnurer Download Document
12/12/2017 NYC prepared to use eminent domain to buy buildings for the homeless New York Post, by Michael Gartland and Danika Fears Download Document
12/12/2017 Why Some People Prefer Unemployment to Having a Minimum Wage Job Cheat Sheet, by Sam Becker Download Document
12/12/2017 Robots are Being Used to Deter Homeless People from Setting up Camp in San Francisco Business Insider, by Melia Robinson Download Document
12/07/2017 Spiraling Rents Spark San Diego's Homeless Crisis Associated Press Download Document
12/07/2017 As housing costs rise, so does California homelessness, report shows San Francisco Chronicle, SFGate, by Kevin Fagan Download Document
12/06/2017 VA kills plan to cut homeless-vet program after outcry Politico, by Arthur Allen and Lorraine Woellert Download Document
12/06/2017 Housing crisis spurs Berkeley to consider a fast track for affordable housing The Mercury News, by Katy Murphy Download Document
12/06/2017 Report: West Coast Homeless Crisis Pushes US Count Higher Associated Press, by Christopher Weber and Geoff Mulvihill Download Document
12/04/2017 Study finds L.A. County saves money by housing sick homeless people The Los Angeles Times, by Gale Holland Download Document
12/04/2017 San Jose's tiny homes for homeless: New plan for choosing sites The Mercury News, by Ramona Giwargis Download Document
12/04/2017 Oakland opens first 'safe haven' sanctioned homeless encampment The Mercury News, by Ali Tadayon, Bay Area News Group Download Document
12/01/2017 The Great American Single-Family Home Problem Building more housing, more densely, could help address a widespread economic challenge. A fight over one lot in Berkeley, Calif., shows how tough that could be. The New York Times, by Conor Dougherty, Download Document
11/29/2017 Homeowners are rich only on paper. Don't expect them to fix the housing crisis Los Angeles Times, Opinion Download Document
11/25/2017 A new California gold rush for homeowners, the poorhouse for renters Los Angeles Times, by Steve Lopez Download Document
11/22/2017 Home Prices in America are Increasing at Double the Rate of a 'Normal' Housing Market Business Insider, by Tanza Loudenback Download Document
11/21/2017 6 alarming facts about poverty in America that you might not realize are true Hello Giggles, by Karen Fratti Download Document
11/21/2017 U.S. homes sales accelerate; supply still a constraint Reuters, by Lucia Mutikani Download Document
11/20/2017 Forget the GOP tax plan. Stockton has a real solution for poverty - free money The Sacramento Bee, by Erika D. Smith Download Document
11/20/2017 Three People Own Half the US, While One In Five Has Nothing Newsweek, by Chuck Collins and Josh Hoxie Download Document
11/19/2017 Ohio tent city is a refuge for the homeless and displaced. The Charlotte Observer, Akron Beacon Journal Download Document
11/15/2017 Jerry Brown's Climate Crusade: What A Nightmare For The Poor Forbes, by Thomas Del Beccaro Download Document
11/14/2017 Sacramento County will place homeless people in 15 rentals rather than central shelter The Sacramento Bee, by Ed Fletcher Download Document
11/12/2017 How the proposed budget could stunt new affordable housing For many Americans, facing hardship in today's real estate market is no unique struggle Salon, by Michelle D. Layser, The Conversation Download Document
11/12/2017 'Homes for human beings': Millennial-driven anti-NIMBY movement is winning with a simple message In California, there is a new lobby for renters - market-rate renters. The Mercury News, by Katy Murphy Download Document
11/08/2017 New York City's expansive -- and Costly -- homeless strategy The Associated Press Download Document
11/07/2017 Silicon Valley's homeless: Everyday workers in shadow of tech affluence 'I'he Mercury News, by Janie Har Download Document
11/06/2017 Meet the startups fighting Silicon Valley's soaring housing costs Local entrepreneurs seek to make renting, buying a home more affordable The Mercury News, by Marisa Kendall, Bay Area News Group Download Document
11/06/2017 Tech, Housing Boom Creates Homeless Crisis on West Coast Associated Press, Gillian Flaccus and Geoff Mulvihill Download Document
11/06/2017 On the Streets, the Eyes of the Homeless Reveal Many Stories Associated Press, Jae C. Hong Download Document
11/06/2017 Orange County moves to evict homeless from 'skid row' along Santa Ana River Los Angeles Times, by Anh Do and Hannah Fry Download Document
11/04/2017 As renters struggle to pay the bills, landlords and speculators cash in Los Angeles Times, by Steve Lopez Download Document
11/01/2017 What if this homeless woman were your mother -would you keep moving or step in to help? Los Angeles Times, by Steve Lopez Download Document
10/30/2017 Supreme Court turns down property-rights challenge to developer fees in West Hollywood Los Angeles Times, by David G. Savage Download Document
10/30/2017 How to fix the affordable housing crisis, big government-style The Week, by Jeff Spross Download Document
10/24/2017 Winter shelter for homeless gets city approval, but key part of controversial plan is delayed The Sacramento Bee, by Ryan Lillis Download Document
10/23/2017 America's affordable-housing stock dropped by 60 percent from 2010 to 2016 The Washington Post, By Tracy Jan Download Document
10/20/2017 Northern California hospital is housing the homeless: Will it make a difference? The Mercury News, by Pauline Bartolone Download Document
10/18/2017 3 housing myths, debunked: Poverty, property values, and gentrification Chicago Tribune, by Darcel Rockett Download Document
10/10/2017 HandUp, the startup that helps homeless people, has been acquired Megan Rose Dickey, TechCrunch Download Document
10/04/2017 Up to 600,000 expected to apply when L.A. reopens Section 8 housing list this month after 13 years The Mercury News, by Richard Scheinin, Bay Area News Group Download Document
10/01/2017 Is there a housing bubble and will it burst in San Francisco? Report examines "bubble risk" in 20 global financial centers Los Angeles Times, by Doug Smith Download Document
09/28/2017 How sky-high housing costs make California the poorest state The Mercury News, by Matt Levin Download Document
09/27/2017 A portrait of housing NIMBY-ism in California The Mercury News, by Katy Murphy, Bay Area News Group Download Document
09/25/2017 'Snob zoning' is racial housing segregation by another name The Washington Post, by Elizabeth Winkler Download Document
09/11/2017 Homeless people scatter throughout Salt Lake Valley in wake of Operation Rio Grande Downtown is safer after law enforcement action, but outlying neighborhoods are now bearing the brunt of illegal campers. The Salt Lake Tribune, by Christopher Smart Download Document
09/09/2017 San Diego's Hepatitis Outbreak Is A ManMade Disaster Hepatitis A, spread by fecal contamination, has killed 16 people and sickened 421 since November. US. News, by Dana Liebelson, Lauren Weber Download Document
09/03/2017 'You can't arrest your way out of homelessness.' County cites less than 5 panhandlers a month The Sacramento Bee, by Brad Branan Download Document
08/28/2017 California's housing crisis - it's even worse than you think The Mercury News, by The Daily Breeze and Matt Levin Download Document
08/22/2017 Is Anybody Home at HUD? A long-harbored conservative dream - the "dismantling of the administrative state" - is taking place under Secretary Ben Carson. Alec MacGillis Download Document
08/15/2017 'Granny Pods' Help Keep Portland Affordable NPR, Morning Edition, by Amelia Templeton Download Document
08/15/2017 Let's stop getting in the way of a good housing development Los Angeles Times, by Carla Hall Download Document
08/14/2017 Seattle rental applicants' criminal histories virtually off-limits under new law The Seattle Times, by Daniel Beekman Download Document
08/14/2017 Rising Rents Mean Larger Homeless Population Forbes, by Svenja Gudell, Contributor Download Document
08/13/2017 Editorial: Ben Carson's HUD report on housing for the poor is an eye opener The Mercury News, by Mercury News Editorial Board Download Document
08/13/2017 Walters: Why does California have the nation's highest poverty level? The Mercury News, by Dan Walters, CALmatters Download Document
08/10/2017 More than half of L.A. 's 1 million poor households live in unaffordable or substandard rentals, study says Los Angeles Time, by Galle Holland Download Document
08/08/2017 The U.S. economy is "broken" -- here's the proof MoneyWatch, by Alain Sherter Download Document
08/07/2017 'May you die in pain': Northern California GOP congressman gets an earful at town hall Los Angeles Times, by Phil Willon Download Document
08/06/2017 Mayor Ben McAdams posed as a homeless person for 3 days and 2 nights. Here's what he saw. Undercover mission gives him firsthand taste of the fear, drug abuse and chaos in SLC's Rio Grande neighborhood. The Salt Lake Tribune, by Courtney Tanner Download Document
08/06/2017 Finding hope for a 'kind of scary' man The Charlotte Observer, by Billy Maddalon, Contributing editor, Observer editorial board Download Document
08/04/2017 Poll Reveals Strong Support for Large Affordable Housing Bond Treasurer Chiang & affordable housing advocates release results, call on Governor Brown and Legislative leaders to 'Think Big' as they work on housing package PRNewswire, by Advocates for Affordable Housing Download Document
07/28/2017 A Bay Area developer wants to build 4,400 sorely needed homes. Here's why it won't happen Los Angeles Times, by Liam Dillon, Contact Reporter Download Document
07/26/2017 Political tussle over NYC subway reveals how the powerful treat the homeless Mayor denies cops swept homeless people out of subway before a photo op. ThinkProgress, by Alan Pyke, Deputy Economic Policy Editor Download Document
07/24/2017 San Jose suggests 'tiny home' sites for homeless, neighbors balk Top city housing officials say no final selections have yet been made for the homeless housing communities The Mercury News, by Ramona Giwargis, Bay Area News Group Download Document
07/24/2017 Chicagoans say 'Yes In My Backyard' to affordable housing Waging Nonviolence.org, by Derek Robertson Download Document
07/23/2017 We can solve South Florida's affordable housing crisis Miami Herald, by Matthew Rieger Download Document
07/23/2017 Advocates fear Trump budget will erode progress in housing The Associated Press Download Document
07/21/2017 Affluent Marin County can continue to limit home building under bill signed by Gov. Jerry Brown The Los Angeles Times, by Liam Dillon Download Document
07/20/2017 Seniors on the streets: Aging homeless population of Silicon Valley As the population ages and housing crisis continues, more and more older adults are finding themselves faced with the grim prospect of homelessness. The Mercury News, by Eric Kurhi, Bay Area News Group Download Document
07/19/2017 The fading American dream? Maybe companies deserve more of the blame. Linkedln, by Chip Cutter, Managing editor at Linkedln Download Document
07/19/2017 A better way to solve the housing crisis - tax land, not development The Los Angeles Times, by Michael Manville, Paavo Monkkonen, Michael Lens Download Document
07/17/2017 Gov. Jerry Brown, California legislative leaders commit to push an affordable housing plan next month Los Angeles Times, by Liam Dillon Download Document
07/17/2017 Bay Area rent increases leave wage gains in the dust Wage gains have fallen far behind skyrocketing costs for housing, a gap that's emerged despite a robust job market in recent years, according to an unsettling report released Monday. East Bay Times, by George Avalos, Bay Area News Group Download Document
07/12/2017 Five Radical Ideas for Public Housing J. Crites Download Document
07/12/2017 Working poor finding homes on four wheels in Mountain View It's a new phenomenon, say city officials and social workers The Mercury News, by John Orr, Bay Area News Group Download Document
07/11/2017 In Theory: How can ordinary citizens be of help to those who are homeless? The Los Angeles Times, Times Community News, The Burbank Leader, Opinion Download Document
07/10/2017 House Democrats question Trump's conflict of interest in housing complex CBS News, by Blair Guild Download Document
07/10/2017 A new way to help Seattle's homeless: Navigation Center set to open Wednesday With Seattle's first 24-hour shelter for the homeless set to open, local officials now have to determine whether it will help reduce homelessness. The Seattle Times, by Vernal Coleman, Staff Reporter Download Document
07/10/2017 Gehrke: Hughes is right. The state needs a strong, cooperative response to the homeless crisis The Salt Lake Tribune, by Robert Gehrke, Columnist Download Document
07/09/2017 House oversight committee investigates HUD Brooklyn housing co-owned by Trump for possible conflicts of interest New York Daily News, by Greg B. Smith Download Document
07/07/2017 Rise in RV homeless throughout South Bay In Gilroy, Morgan Hill, Mountain View, officials are seeing a spike in homeless population, with many of them living in recreational vehicles The Mercury News, by Eric Kurhi, Bay Area News Group Download Document
07/07/2017 Why Washington can't fix the new housing crisis There aren't enough homes where Americans want to live - and not even the president has the tools to change the market. What now? Politico, The Agenda, by Lorraine Woellert Download Document
07/06/2017 A surprising way to increase property values: build affordable housing The Washington Post, by Tracy Jan Download Document
07/06/2017 Tenant activists hit 22 cities with protests against devastating housing cuts Trump's housing budget is a recipe for needless evictions and homelessness. Think Progress, by Alan Pyke Download Document
07/05/2017 Huntington homeless advocacy group facing eviction gets more time Los Angeles Times, Daily Pilot, by Ben Brazil, Contact Reporter Download Document
07/05/2017 What you want to know about California's failed housing affordability law The Los Angeles Times, by Liam Dillon, Contact Reporter Download Document
07/04/2017 Homeless Underground challenge to Mayor Megan Barry The Tennessean, by Howard Allen Download Document
07/02/2017 California's Far North Deplores 'Tyranny' of the Urban Majority The New York Times, by Thomas Fuller Download Document
06/30/2017 Ben Carson reckons with proposed HUD budget cuts The Hill, by Jonathan Easley Download Document
06/29/2017 Carson, in return to Baltimore, backs sales of public housing to private developers The Baltimore Sun, by John Fritze, Contact Reporter Download Document
06/27/2017 San Jose woman convicted in tax fraud scheme exploiting the homeless The Mercury News, by Jason Green, Bay Area News Group Download Document
06/27/2017 China's verdant 'forest city' will fight pollution with a million plants Mashable, by Yi Shu Ng Download Document
06/27/2017 Bay Area poll: Idea to help fix housing crisis gets support The Mercury News, by George Avalos, Bay Area News Group Download Document
06/22/2017 A helping hand before homelessness for South Bay families on the brink $3.5 million grant is joint venture of Santa Clara County, San Jose, Google, Sunlight Giving foundation and the David and Lucile Packard Foundation. The Mercury News, by Eric Kurhi, Bay Area News Group Download Document
06/22/2017 Milpitas: Council approves 45-day moratorium on demolition permits for affordable housing structures Bay Area News Group, by Aliyah Mohammed Download Document
06/20/2017 President. Trump makes millions from giant Brooklyn housing complex that faces annual HUD inspections for falling score Starrett City's HUD score sat at 89, but has dropped to 70. HUD can terminate a contract with a landlord with two scores of 60. New York Daily News, by Greg B. Smith Download Document
06/20/2017 Homeless tent city in the heart of gentrifying Washington gets moved out The Washington Post, by Ian Shapira Download Document
06/20/2017 Trump seeks sharp cuts to housing aid, except for program that brings him millions The Washington Post, by Shawn Boburg Download Document
06/20/2017 What Riverside is planning to help homeless, ease residents' concerns The Press-Enterprise, by Alicia Robinson Download Document
06/20/2017 Crews build controversial fence near homeless encampment in San Jose CBS News, June 20, 2017 Download Document
06/20/2017 Homeless sue city of Fort Lauderdale after 'raid' on downtown encampment Miami Herald, by Adam H Beasley Download Document
06/19/2017 SF homeless count shows adult, chronic homelessness on the rise Mission Local, by Laura Waxmann Download Document
06/16/2017 Harvard JCHS Releases 2017 State of the Nation's Housing Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies Download Document
06/16/2017 SF's new count shows homeless people spreading into neighborhoods SFGate, by Kevin Fagan Download Document
06/15/2017 What Trump doesn't understand about the poor CNN Money, by Heather Long Download Document
06/14/2017 To Ease Affordable Housing Crunch, Google Will Buy Modular Homes Forbes, by Troy McMullen, Contributor Download Document
06/14/2017 In new Millcreek housing, refugees and the recently homeless can afford to live next door to doctors and lawyers The Salt Lake Tribune, by Mike Gorrell Download Document
06/12/2017 The Hoarding of the American Dream In a new book, a Brookings scholar examines how the upper-middle class has enriched itself and harmed economic mobility. The Atlantic, by Annie Lowrey Download Document
06/12/2017 Ben Carson is wrong - eradicating poverty is not mind over matter, housing matters most The Hill, by Annie Wright Download Document
06/11/2017 Chico property owners asked to vote on new downtown district Property-based improvement district proposed to address problems caused by vagrants By Laura Urseny, Chico Enterprise-Record Download Document
06/10/2017 How are Chico's recent laws impacting the homeless? By Ashiah Scharaga, Enterprise-Record Download Document
06/09/2017 Nowhere in America can a full-time minimum wage worker afford to rent a two-bedroom apartment The Washington Post, by Tracy Jan Download Document
06/08/2017 The spending program Trump can't kill A rare bipartisan consensus will likely save a multibillion dollar grant from the Trump administration 's attempts to gut domestic spending. Politico, by Derek Robertson Download Document
06/08/2017 Here's how much you would need to afford rent in your state The Washington Post, by Tracy Jan Download Document
06/07/2017 Even with rent control, 'I see myself as a future homeless senior' Los Angeles Times, Opinion Download Document
06/05/2017 Housing Secretary Ben Carson Clarifies Comment That Poverty Is A 'State Of Mind' Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson drew controversy last month when he said in a radio interview that ''poverty to a large extent is also a state of mind. " NPR, by Pam Fessler Download Document
06/05/2017 Heading description Download Document
06/05/2017 Affordable housing a cause of concern for CEOs Miami Herald Download Document
06/05/2017 Hong Kong's 20-square-foot 'coffin homes' reveal the terrifying scope of a housing crisis Business Insider, by Chris Weller Download Document
06/03/2017 Apartment complex, built out of recycled shipping containers, houses once-homeless vets CBS News, by Carter Evans Download Document
06/01/2017 California Senate passes package of bills aiming to address housing crisis Los Angeles Times, by Liam Dillon, Contact Reporter Download Document
06/2017 How Many Persons Became Homeless for the First Time During the Past 12 Months? Hub for Urban Initiatives Download Document
06/2017 Many 'rent-stabilized' NYC apartments are not really stabilized, thanks to one loophole Business Insider, by Cezary Podkul, ProPublica Download Document
05/31/2017 L.A. County homelessness jumps a 'staggering' 23% as need far outpaces housing, new count shows Los Angeles Times, by Gale Holland and Doug Smith, Contact Reporter Download Document
05/31/2017 HUD's Carson expected to ramp up public profile Associated Press, by Jennifer C. Kerr Download Document
05/25/2017 Public gets first, only peek at Detroit tiny homes The Detroit News, by Maureen Feighan Download Document
05/25/2017 Butte County reaches record number of homeless, according to point-in-time count By Ashiah Scharaga, Enterprise-Record Download Document
05/25/2017 The People Left Behind When Only the 'Deserving' Poor Get HelpMaine attached work requirements and time limits to its safety net, intensifying poverty in the state. The Atlantic, by Annie Lowrey Download Document
05/23/2017 President Officially Releases FY 18 Budget Proposal, Slashes Housing and CD Spending NAHRO Direct News Download Document
05/17/2017 Housing crisis causes legislative avalanche: 130 bills proposed in Sacramento The Mercury News, by Richard Schein in, Bay Area News Group Download Document
05/11/2017 Governor is pessimistic on major deal to address California's housing affordability crisis Los Angeles Times, by Liam Dillon Download Document
05/09/2017 California's Legal Assault On NIMBYs Begins Over 100 bills aim to fix the state's severe housing crisis, including many that would crack down on developers and communities that aren't doing their part. The Atlantic, CityLab, by Sara Libby Download Document
05/05/2017 Affordable housing drying up across Bay Area, report finds San Francisco Chronicle, by Kevin Fagan Download Document
05/05/2017 One kind of drought ends for California farms, but another - of immigrants to work in the fields - now looms Yahoo News, by Holly Bailey Download Document
05/05/2017 Housing crisis sparks fears of an end for Illinois town Sara Burnett, Associated Press Download Document
05/04/2017 Better housing as a path out of poverty: a tough test in Houston Relocating poor families to affordable housing in wealthier districts leads to gains in health and education, research shows. But a Houston plan was withdrawn after facing strong local opposition. Christian Science Monitor, by Simon Montlake, StajJWriter Download Document
05/03/2017 Ben Carson Wants To Make Sure Poor People Aren't Too Comfortable If they get too comfy in assisted housing, he says, they won't ever want to leave. Huffington Post, by Sam Levine Download Document
05/03/2017 A 'Forgotten History' of How the U.S. Government Segregated America NPR, by Terry Gross Download Document
05/03/2017 Ben Carson Is Obsessed with Making Sure Affordable Housing Is Uncomfortable GQ, by Jack Moore, Download Document
05/02/2017 Walters: Why California's housing problem is getting worse The pace of building Housing in California is failing to keep pace with the population growth. Sacramento Bee, by Dan Walters Download Document
05/02/2017 An Opportunity for the U.S. Economy To Benefit From Saudi Arabia's Housing Strategy Discussions revolved primarily on partnerships that will confront housing challenges on both sides of the Atlantic. Huffington Post, by Dr. Majid Rajizadeh Download Document
05/01/2017 Byron Wien explains simply why America's wealth inequality is getting worse Business Insider, by Elena Holodny Download Document
04/20/2017 Why Is Affordable Housing So Expensive? Limited city budgets and rising building costs create a recipe for disaster. The Atlantic, CityLab, by Joe Cortright Download Document
03/20/2017 Nearly 600 Households Have Already Inquired About Hosting a Homeless Family in Their Backyards Hundreds of people in Multnomah County have officially expressed interest in hosting a family in a county-built granny flat. Willamette Week, by Rachel Monahan Download Document
03/19/2017 California housing bills could take away subsidies for homeowners and add them for renters Los Angeles Times, by Liam Dil/an, Contact Reporter Download Document
03/19/2017 Income Inequality: Despite thriving economy, many in central Ohio struggle in low-wage jobs The Columbus Dispatch, by Mark Ferenchik and Rita Price Download Document
03/17/2017 Trump's budget cuts jobs programs. This Republican mayor has inspired cities to invest in employing the homeless. The Washington Post, by Colby Itkowitz Download Document
03/13/2017 PHA Leaders Fear Drastic Budget Cuts What cuts to public housing and rental assistance would mean for families, seniors. Affordable Housing Finance, by Donna Kimura Download Document
03/13/2017 Sacramento families waiting for affordable housing may lose access under federal cut The Sacramento Bee, by Anita Chabria and Tony Bizjak Download Document
03/10/2017 It's Not Just America-the Rent Is High Everywhere Bloomberg, by Patrick Clark Download Document
03/09/2017 California GOP Stakes Out Position on Poverty The Wall Street Journal, by Alejandro Lazo Download Document
03/08/2017 The state's housing crisis won't be solved unless Californians embrace new home building, report says The Los Angeles Times, by Liam Dillon Download Document
03/08/2017 Seattle gives first details on homelessness levy would be spent The Seattle Times, by Vernal Coleman, Seattle Times staff reporter Download Document
03/08/2017 L.A. voters have spoken loudly and clearly: They want more housing, more affordability and more transit Los Angeles Times, by Kerry Cavanaugh, Contact Reporter Download Document
03/08/2017 Wall Street bets on tax cuts as affordable housing pays the price Politico, by Lorraine Woellert Download Document
03/08/2017 Faced with a chance for radical change, L.A. voters choose to stay the course Los Angeles Times, by Dakota Smith, Matt Stevens, Ben Poston, and Doug Smith, Contact Reporters Download Document
03/06/2017 California won't meet its climate change goals without a lot more housing density in its cities By 2030, residents will have to travel by foot four times more frequently than they did in 2012, increase bicycling nine-fold and boost bus and rail ridership Los Angeles Times, by Liam Dillon, Contact Reporter, Sacramento Download Document
03/05/2017 Housing crisis needs federal assistance: Second Look USA TODAY, by Richard J. Manocchio Download Document
03/05/2017 20 micro homes for homeless planned in south Nashville The Tennesseean, by Gethan Ward, USA TODAY NETWORK-Tennessee Download Document
03/05/2017 California Has the Most Unsheltered Homeless People 24/7 Wall St., by Trey Thoe/eke Download Document
03/2017 Why Public Housing Operating Subsidy is Lower in 2017 Brian Alten, Partner, BDO PHA Finance Download Document
02/26/2017 Developers of affordable housing in California are on pins and needles over Trump's tax plan Los Angeles Times, by Liam Dillon, Contact Reporter Download Document
02/15/2017 4 Simple Ways to End Homelessness The Huffington Post, by Jeff Olivet, Contributor Download Document
02/14/2017 Homelessness Is Our Tragedy The Huffington Post, by Mark Horvath, Founder, Invisible People Download Document
02/01/2017 Maybe Don't Use Homeless People as Design Inspiration Yahoo, by Sara Murphy Download Document
02/04/2017 FCC is stopping 9 companies from providing subsidized Internet to the poor Los Angeles Times, by Brian Fung Download Document
01/31/2017 Every State Will Likely Lose Housing Vouchers, Unless Congress Boosts Funding The Huffington Post, by Douglas Rice Download Document
01/31/2017 Sacramento city and county take first steps toward giving housing to homeless The Sacramento Be, by Anita Chabria and Ellen Garrison Download Document
01/30/2017 How Republicans will wage war on the poor The Week, by Ryan Cooper Download Document
01/30/2017 3 Teens Buy Homeless Man Food and Clothes in Kind Gesture: 'It Was an Awesome Experience' Inside Edition, by Maya Chung Download Document
01/25/2017 County homeless point in time count sees great turnout By Ashiah Scharaga, Enterprise-Record Download Document
01/19/2017 Let's Face It ... Homelessness is Expensive Lesar Development Consultants Download Document
01/17/2017 City convenes principals to discuss plight of record number of homeless students Politico, by Eliza Shapiro Download Document
01/12/2017 Dollars disappear Chico laws criminalizing homelessness contribute to loss of federal funding for local service providers By Howard Hardee of Chico News & Review Download Document
01/12/2017 Shelter from the storm The Farm provides a needed sanctuary for area homeless, but many question its safety By Meredith J. Cooper of Chico News & Review Download Document
01/10/2017 California governor: We're not spending more on lowincome housing because it's too expensive to build The Los Angeles Times, by Liam Dillon Download Document
01/10/2017 Non-profits: Affordable housing almost nonexistent for working class The Tennessean, by Jordan Buie, ibuie@tennessean.com Download Document
01/05/2017 Aspen Skiing Co. joins tiny home craze to house its employees GrindTV, by Robert Pursell Download Document
01/04/2017 Chicago, public housing agencies to implement federal smoking ban Chicago Tribune, by Nereida Moreno, Contact Reporter Download Document
01/03/2017 California needs to build a staggering number of homes and we are way behind San Gabriel Valley Tribune, by Kevin Smith Download Document
01/03/2017 If you think that you 're safe from being made homeless, you're wrong The Huffington Post, by Callum Hunter, Contributor Download Document
01/03/2017 California's housing affordability problems 'as bad as they've ever been in the state's history,' housing director says Los Angeles Times, by Liam Dillon Download Document
01/02/2017 A smokescreen for bigotry: Disguising antiMuslim bias with land-use objections The Washington Post, By Petula Dvorak, Columnist Download Document
12/29/2016 How Republicans will wage war on the poor The Week, by Ryan Cooper Download Document
12/29/2016 Why the war on poverty failed - and what to do now Vox, by John McWhorter Download Document
12/29/2016 San Bruno homeless advocate makes push for tiny houses By Aaron Kinney - akinney@bayareanewsgroup.com Download Document
12/28/2016 Lockers lighten load for Lisbon's homeless AFP, by Daniel Silva Download Document
12/26/2016 Seattle's struggle to prosper and keep its soul Christian Science Monitor, by Chelsea Sheasley Download Document
12/26/2016 2016 was the year solar panels finally became cheaper than fossil fuels. Just wait for 2017 Quartz, by Michael J. Coren Download Document
12/22/2016 California Housing Mess: Causes and Consequences Forbes, by Roger Valdez, Contributor Download Document
12/22/2016 Uber's robot cars move in, and the homeless must move along C/Net, by Dara Kerr Download Document
12/21/2016 US Isn't Ready for Looming Senior-Citizen Housing Crisis Newsmax, Finance Download Document
12/21/2016 People Are Giving Up Instead O,f Moving To Opportunity --And That's Not Good Forbes, Opinion, by Adam Millsap, Contributor Download Document
12/20/2016 The University of Washington is hosting a homeless camp USA Today, by Jillian Vandiveer, Brooklyn College Download Document
12/20/2016 A Billionaire's Plan to House the Homeless in Shipping Containers Bloomberg, by Patrick Clark Download Document
12/19/2016 City officials brace for potential cuts to public housing under Trump By Sally Goldenberg and Brendan Cheneyr Download Document
12/18/2016 Denver Police Confiscate Blankets From Homeless Paste Quarterly, by Emily Ray Download Document
12/14/2016 A guy who designs tiny homes may have just come up with a way to combat homelessness Business Insider, by Talia Lakritz Download Document
12/14/2016 Could Ben Carson Be Just What the Doctor Ordered for HUD? Scientific American, Policy & Ethics,by Chuck McCutcheon Download Document
12/12/2016 Why More Americans Are Facing Eviction Forbes, Business, by Troy McMullen, Contributor Download Document
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12/07/2016 Another Trump Conflict? Carson Would Oversee HUD Subsidies Benefiting His Boss Good Morning America, by Matthew Mosk Download Document
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12/05/2016 Stackable pods could help house the homeless CNN Tech, by Selena Larson @selenalarson Download Document
12/05/2016 Why do black families make up so much of central Ohio's homeless population? By Rita Price The Columbus Dispatch Download Document
12/05/2016 HUD job to pit Carson ideology against longstanding housing policy The Washington Post, by Lisa Rein and Elise Viebeck Download Document
12/01/2016 More than 250,000 are homeless in England - Shelter BBC News, Education and Family section, by Hannah Richardson, BBC News education and social affairs reporter Download Document
12/2016 Chico Reducing Homelessness: An update and Discussion Download Document
11/29/2016 How Trump Might Drain the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Swamp Forbes, by Roger Valdez, Contributor Download Document
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11/20/2016 Where do we begin to solve the affordable housing problem? Here are some suggestions Miami Herald, by Anthony M Graziano, Special to the Miami Herald Download Document
11/11/2016 Big Finish for Chico State's Tiny House Chico State Today, by Sean Murphy Download Document
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11/08/2016 On the thin line between prosperity and homelessness The Mercury News, by Richard Scheinin Download Document
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10/31/2016 Climate Change Is Already Forcing Americans to Move Bloomberg View, by Christopher Flavelle, Download Document
10/26/2016 Denver's sweeps of homeless camps latest to face lawsuit CBS News, Denver Download Document
10/25/2016 Homeless need housing, not arguments The Seattle Times, by Seattle Times editorial board Download Document
10/25/2016 'We are very disturbed': Low-income renters losing affordable housing in Renton The Seattle Times, by Vernal Coleman, Seattle Times staff reporter Download Document
10/23/2016 Business among Salt Lake City's homeless: corpses, tents and maybe a store exodus The Salt Lake Tribune, by Courtney Tanner Download Document
10/21/2016 70-year-old Denver resident writes devastating op-ed about being on the brink of homelessness Business Insider, by Susan Dean, Denverite Download Document
10/19/2016 Biskupski says SLC council reckless in budget raid for housing, homeless The Salt Lake Tribune, by Christopher Smart and Tony Semerad Download Document
10/18/2016 In obsessing about New York and San Francisco, we're ignoring the real rental crisis In too many cities, rentals are out of reach for the middle class. The Washington Post, by Jordan Fraade Download Document
10/18/2016 'The solution to homelessness is housing': Salt Lake City sets aside $30M to address homelessness, affordable housing The Salt Lake Tribune, by Tony Semerad Download Document
10/17/2016 Public Housing Isn't Wasted on the Poor BloombergView, by Noah Smith Download Document
10/06/2016 How Dallas is starting to solve its homeless problem The Dallas Morning News, by Cindy J. Crain, Commentary Download Document
10/05/2016 Kirby: There's a gulf between me and the homeless - and I'm making it wider The Salt Lake Tribune, by Robert Kirby, Tribune Columnist Download Document
10/05/2016 Washington county must pay $250,000 for violating homeless people's civil rights County workers routinely destroyed and confiscated what little property homeless campers had. Think Progress, by Alan Pyke, Deputy Economic Policy Director Download Document
10/2016 Are We Creating Chronic Homelessness? The Past, Present, and Future of Federal Homelessness Policy A Guest Policy Research Commentary Institute for Children, Poverty & Homelessness, by Barbara Duffield Download Document
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09/28/2016 More older adults spending 'golden years' in homelessness The Columbus Dispatch, by Encarnacion Pyle Download Document
09/28/2016 1 In 5 U.S. Households With Kids Don't Have Enough To Eat: Report Rates are dropping, but they're still "far too high." The Huffington Post, by Eleanor Goldberg, Impact Editor Download Document
09/28/2016 Inside The Religious Freedom Report That's Making Conservatives So Mad The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights's report suggests that some religious exemptions "significantly infringe" on civil rights. The Huffington Post, by Carol Kuruvilla Associate Religion Editor Download Document
09/27/2016 California's extreme economy creates a new class of 'poor' California is among a number of states where the accelerating costs of living are redefining who is poor. The Christian Science Monitor, by Jessica Mendoza, Staff writer Download Document
09/15/2016 Harvard professor identifies the 'worst nightmare' in America right now Yahoo! News, by Nicole Sinclair Download Document
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09/02/2016 Surge in renters making the U.S. less affordable Chicago Tribune, by Gail MarksJarvis,Contact Reporter Download Document
09/02/2016 Chicago hospital tries to improve health of ER 'super-utilizers' - with housing Chicago Tribune, by Ray Cavanaugh Download Document
09/01/2016 What more than 1 million Craigslist rental listings tell us about the housing market The Washington Post, by Emily Badger Download Document
08/31/2016 After Supreme Court victory, Dallas nonprofit loses racial bias suit against Texas agency The Dallas Morning News, by Julieta Chiquillor Download Document
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08/22/2016 CMPD gets it: Being homeless is no crime The Charlotte Observer, by Robert Nesbit, Special to the Observer Download Document
08/22/2016 Austin Ends Veteran Homelessness, Says Its 'Achievable' For All Cities The city housed 682 veterans in two years. The Huffington Post, by Eleanor Goldberg, Impact Editor Download Document
08/19/2016 Affordable housing policies too often fail to integrate cities The Hill, by Susan Campbell, contributor Download Document
08/19/2016 Study: A Small Cash Advance Can Prevent the Spiral of Homelessness Triple Pundit, by Leon Kaye Download Document
08/19/2016 Homelessness is an emergency - but not like an earthquake Los Angeles Times, by the Times Editorial Board Download Document
08/18/2016 WHY IT MATTERS: Income inequality Associated Press, byJosh Boak Download Document
08/17/2016 What Is Section 8 Housing? Help Paying Rent (and Not Just in Sketchy Neighborhoods) Fox News Download Document
08/15/2016 There is no perfect place for home Los Angeles Times, by The Times Editorial Board Download Document
08/15/2016 Palo Alto planning commissioner resigns and protests restrictive land-use policies The Washington Post, the Volokh Conspiracy, Opinion, by llya Somin Download Document
08/15/2016 Is the shift to permanent housing making L.A.'s homelessness problem even worse? The Los Angeles Times, by Doug Smith Download Document
08/15/2016 Arguello: Governor's housing plan harms low-income communities Special to The Mercury News, by Martha Dina Arguello Download Document
08/14/2016 How do Americans view poverty? Many blue-collar whites, key to Trump, criticize poor people as lazy and content to stay on welfare Los Angeles Times, The Poverty Project, by David Lauter Download Document
08/14/2016 Americans are starting to get worried about the 'new housing crisis' Yahoo.com, Bob Bryan, Business Insider Download Document
08/12/2016 California desperately needs affordable housing - but also a new blueprint for building it Los Angeles Times, Column by Michael Hiltzik. Contact Reporter Download Document
08/11/2016 Here's How Three Cities Aim to Beat Youth Homelessness This Year TakePart.com Download Document
08/10/2016 If Can Collecting Makes $40 A Day Then There Is No Poverty In The United States Forbes, Opinion, by Tim Worstall, Contributor Download Document
08/10/2016 America Must Act Boldly on Affordable Housing The Huffington Post, by Terri Ludwig, President and CEO, Enterprise Community Partners, Inc Download Document
08/10/2016 The people who are truly harmed when cities say no to new housing The Washington Post, Wonkblog, by Emily Badger Download Document
08/09/2016 How This Entrepreneur ls Solving Homelessness One Person at a Time Inc. com, by John Boitnott, Journalist and digital consultant, @jboitnott Download Document
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08/08/2016 Tokyo may have found the solution to soaring housing costs Vox Media, by Timothy B. Lee, tim@vox.com Download Document
08/04/2016 What Is Affordable Housing -- and Do You (Yes, You) Qualify? Fox News Download Document
08/03/2016 San Jose homeless remove 24 tons of trash from Coyote Creek The Mercury News, by Hannah Knowles, hknowles@bayareanewsgroup.com Download Document
08/03/2016 A pervasive form of housing discrimination that's still legal The Washington Post, by Emily Badger Download Document
08/03/2016 Dallas homelessness commission asks for $3 million; council wants more details The Dallas Morning News, by Tasha Tsiaperas Download Document
08/02/2016 Portland ends pilot 'safe sleeping' policy immediately Associated Press, by Gillian Flaccus Download Document
08/02/2016 Monday mornings mean moving for homeless population in San Diego Los Angeles Times, by Gary Warth Download Document
08/01/2016 Cindy Crain: First responders should not be our first response to homelessness The Dallas Morning News, by Cindy Crain, Contributor Download Document
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07/22/2016 San Jose: Lawsuit challenges city housing policy The Mercury News, by Ramona Giwargis Download Document
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07/19/2016 Housing discrimination, segregation to be addressed in federally backed plan, officials say The New Orleans Advocate, by Jessica Williams Download Document
07/19/2016 I pay more than half my income in rent CNN Money, by Kathryn Vasel Download Document
07/15/2016 Yuba County homeless become "tiny home"residents The Sacramento Bee by Ed Fletcher Download Document
07/12/2016 When Will Affordable Housing Advocates Push For More Supply, Fewer Rules? Forbes, by Roger Valdez, Contributor Download Document
07/07/2016 L.A. will need to create a 'housing machine' as part of homeless bond measure, official says The Los Angeles Times, by David Zahniser Download Document
07/06/2016 Tiny houses are trendy, minimalist and often illegal PBS Newshour, by Rebecca Beitsch, Stateline Download Document
07/06/2016 Homeless in Seattle The Huffington Post, by Carolyn Ossorio Download Document
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06/30/2016 What's going on with these tax hikes for homeless programs, anyway? Los Angeles Times, by David Zahniser Download Document
06/30/2016 Sacramento Opens Public Bathrooms for Homeless People Offering the city's homeless some much needed relief The Huffington Post, by Elyse Wahshel, Associate Editor, Good News Download Document
06/30/2016 To help the homeless, first think of them as part of your tribe Mashable, by Chris Taylor Download Document
06/28/2016 San Francisco media plan week of coverage on homeless crisis Associated Press, by Janie Har Download Document
06/28/2016 Steer homeless off streets and into services The Columbus Dispatch, by Froma Harrop Download Document
06/28/2016 City Of Seattle Should Cooperate With Residents Of The Jungle Forbes, by Roger Valdez, Contributor Download Document
06/24/2016 Millennials Are Doomed To Face An Existential Crisis That Will Define The Rest Of Their Lives Forbes, John Mauldin , Contributor Download Document
06/23/2016 Menlo Park opposes governor's affordable housing plan The Mercury News, by Kevin Kelly, Daily News Staf!Write Download Document
06/23/2016 Homeownership In The U.S. Has Plummeted, But Not By Choice The lingering effects of the economic crisis are creating obstacles for most families who want to buy homes. The Huffington Post, by Kate Abbey-Lambertz, National Reporter Download Document
06/23/2016 Court: Man can't be punished 'simply for being homeless' The Washington Post, by Denise Lavoie, AP Download Document
06/23/2016 Ex-Obama Housing Adviser Joins Group Aiming to Shape the Future Newsmax, Dr. Michael Stegman Download Document
06/22/2016 A guaranteed way to make landlords care about crumbling apartments The Washington Post, by Emily Badger Download Document
06/21/2016 Santa Clara County property tax for homeless housing going to voters The Mercury News, by Eric Kurhi Download Document
06/16/2016 Nearly half of Chicago residents can't afford where they live, study says Chicago Tribune, by Gail Marks Jarvis, Contact Reporter Download Document
06/15/2016 Palo Alto: Housing Authority could try to use eminent domain to retain mobile home park The Mercury News, Peninsula, by Jacqueline Lee, Daily News Staff Writer Download Document
06/15/2016 How Section 8 became a 'racial slur' A history of public housing in America. By Emily Badger, Washington Post Download Document
06/01/2016 Lawmaker Spends the Night in A Homeless Camp, Brings Back Lessons to His Colleagues Think Progress, by Bryce Covert Download Document
06/10/2016 76 million Americans are struggling financially or just getting by CNN Money, by Tami Luhby Download Document
06/09/2016 Richard Gere on the homeless: It could be me, or you The Associated Press Download Document
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06/06/2016 IVY ZELMAN: 'There's a shortage of shelter' Yahoo, Myles Udland, Business Insider Download Document
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05/31/2016 What's behind the dramatic rise in L.A. County's homeless population Los Angeles Times, by Doug Smith and Shelby Grad, Contact Reporter Download Document
05/31/2016 Affordable housing crunch? Some investors hope to help. The Christian Science Monitor, by Laurent Belsie, Staff writer Download Document
05/31/2016 How can we keep Boston from turning into a truly unaffordable city? Boston Globe, by Evan Horowitz, Staff Download Document
05/31/2016 Housing activist on waiting list for two decades finally gets an apartment Chicago Tribune, by Lolly Bowean, Contact Reporter, Download Document
05/31/2016 Subsidized rent, but nowhere to go: Homeless voucbers go unused Los Angeles Times, Gale Holland and Abby Sewell, Download Document
05/27/2016 What CEOs Should Be Saying About Inequality Forbes, Opinion, by Fred Smith, Contributor Download Document
05/27/2016 The IMF is Starting to Think that 'Neoliberalism' has Created an Inequality Problem Business Insider, Finance, by Will Martin Download Document
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05/26/2016 For many poor families, housing costs are 'out of reach' The Washington Post, by Joe Davidson, Columnist Download Document
05/25/2016 Sonoma County shelters decry loss in federal funding CHRISTI WARREN - THE PRESS DEMOCRAT Download Document
05/24/2016 HUD slashes funding for transition housing By Jenny Espino - jespino@redding.com Download Document
05/24/2016 Life expectancy for the homeless is 64; Medicaid kicks in at 65 The Dallas Morning News, by Cindy J. Crain Download Document
05/20/2016 Public safety is getting short shrift in city's response to homelessness The Seattle Times, by Alison Krupnick Download Document
05/19/2016 Mercury News editorial: Housing California's homeless The Mercury News Download Document
05/12/2016 Why solving homelessness is stupidly easy The Week, byJef!Spross Download Document
05/11/2016 There are now more homeless kids and parents in D.C. than single adults for the first time Washington Post, by Aaron C. Davis Download Document
05/09/2016 Constraints on Beggars Crumble After U.S. Supreme Court Case Bloomberg Politics, by Tim Jones, Download Document
05/09/2016 HUD homeless grant money gone, what next? MIAMI HERALD, Miami Herald Editorial Board Download Document
05/09/2016 Portland allows homeless to camp overnight on streets; Seattle officials watch The Seattle Times, By Hal Bernton Download Document
05/06/2016 Austin's 'Tiny Village' For the Homeless Opens Its Doors by 3p Contributor Download Document
05/06/2016 This Town Ran An Illegal Debtor's Prison For Years. Now It Has To Pay Back The People It Jailed. ThinkProgress, by Alan Pyke Download Document
05/05/2016 PUBLIC HOUSING AUTHORITY EXECS MAY SOON BE THE MOST POWERFUL FEDS IN TOWN Instapundit Blog Archive, Instapundit.com, in association with P J Media, posted by Mark Tapscott Download Document
05/04/2016 Akron Police Told A Homeless Panhandler He Should 'Get A F*cking Job.' Now He's Suing. Think Progress, by Alan Pyke Download Document
05/03/2016 West Coast mayors ask Congress for more help with homeless crisis By Daniel Beekman, Seattle Times staff reporter Download Document
04/29/2016 Is it racist to deny housing to people with criminal records? The Dallas Morning News, by Julieta Chiquillo Download Document
04/26/2016 Santa Clara County looking at bond measure to fund affordable housing The Mercury News, by Eric Kurhi, ekurhi@bayareanewsgroup.com Download Document
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04/25/2016 The vicious cycle of criminalized homelessness Vocativ, by James King Download Document
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04/11/2016 Where living poor means dying young The Washington Post, by Emily Badger and Christopher Ingraham Download Document
04/07/2016 Working together Local government, service organizations throughout county to gather at forum on homelessness By Ernesto Rivera - Chico News & Review Download Document
04/04/2016 HUD seeks to end housing discrimination against ex-offenders MSNBC, by HalimahAbdu/lah Download Document
04/04/2016 American policy fails at reducing child poverty because it aims to fix the poor If we want to help kids, it's time to focus on money, not marriage. The Washington Post, by Philip Cohen Download Document
03/31/2016 14 million Americans live in extremely poor neighborhoods CNNMoney (New York), by Tami Luhby Download Document
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03/04/2016 Think Utah Solved Homelessness? Think Again HUFFPOST, The Blog, by Kevin Corinth Download Document
03/04/2016 City Takes a Stand Against Treating Homeless Camps Like Crime Rings Think Progress, by Alan Pyke Download Document
02/28/2016 Stairways Programming says community is safer through partnership with Target Team By Ashiah Scharaga. Enterprise-Record Download Document
01/09/2016 Poor People's Palooza spotlights affordable housing issue with panel, film, music Ed Mayer, Bill Mash, Tam Le and James Coles are part of the team behind the third annual Poor People's Palooza and Film Festival. It's a conference, concert, documentary film showing and dinner geared toward shining a light on the lack of affordable housing in Chico By Ashiah Scharaga, Enterprise-Record Download Document
2016 Facts from the 2016 State of the Nation's Housing Report from the Joint Cent r for Housing Studies of Harvard University JCHS Download Document
2016 Do Homeless Persons Living in Merced County Have Geographical and Relational Ties to Cities within the County? By Joe Colletti, PhD and Sofia Herrera, PhD Download Document
06/15/2015 The minimum wage required to afford an average apartment is much higher than you'd imagine BGRNews - Yoni Heisler Download Document
05/08/2015 What If the Key to Ending Homelessness Is Just That-a Key? By Mike Kessler, Takepart.com Download Document
03/09/2015 How A Traveling Consultant Helps America Hide the Homeless Huffington Post, by Arthur Delaney Download Document
02/03/2015 Feds delay by 1 year goal for ending chronic homelessness By KEVIN FREKING - Associated Press Download Document
01/15/2015 On and of the streets Local visual journalist to present ground-level perspective on homelessness and poverty By Howard Hardee - Chico News & Review Download Document
09/13/2014 Pasadena uses meters to raise change for homeless ASSOCIATED PRESS Download Document
07/23/2014 Homeless could be causing CARD rent loss CARD employee Aaron Haar shows the litter and homeless encampments that are common along Big Chico Creek behind the Community Center. The area shown is city property next to the lawn used by CARD for events By Laura Urseny - lurseny@chicoer.com, @LauraUrseny on Twitter Download Document
03/26/2014 Study Reveals It Costs Less to Give the Homeless Housing Than to Leave Them on the Street Mic Network, by Tom McKay Download Document
03/23/2014 Study: Charlotte's apartments for homeless save money The Charlotte Observer, by Mark Price Download Document
04/29/2013 TIMELINE: Deinstitutionalization And Its Consequences By Deanna Pan - Mother Jones Download Document
09/22/2010 Chilean Economist Manfred Max-Neef: US Is Becoming an "Underdeveloping Nation" Democracy Now! Download Document
N/A Traveling all over the city to reach various supportive services can be time-consuming and frustrating. The PATH Mall aims to address this common issue by bringing together more than a dozen homeless service providers in a single location. People experiencing homelessness can access housing assistance, health services, employment counseling, and more, all under one roof. http://www.epath.org Download Document


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