Emergency Maintenance

The Housing Authority provides Emergency Maintenance for properties that are owned/managed by the Housing Authority only. If you are a Housing Choice Voucher (S8) participant, please contact your landlord for all emergencies.

Is this an Emergency?

Maintenance after hours is for Emergencies only. An emergency would be a plumbing or electrical problem in your home that could cause harm to someone or severe property damage if not taken care of immediately.

Qualified Emergencies:

Please call Emergency Maintenance for these items
  • Broken Water pipe(s)
  • Leaking Water Heater
  • No Water
  • Clogged Toilet - Only an Emergency if this is the only Toilet at Unit
  • Heat not functioning
  • Any Fire Damage
  • Any structural damage to the building
  • Natural Gas leaks
  • Any exposed electrical wires
  • Security Issues: Broken Window or Outside Door (Does not include screens)

Non-Emergency Items:

Please call Maintenance during business hours for these items
  • No Hot Water(s)
  • AC or Heater not getting to desired temperature
  • Sink or Tub not draining
  • Screen door issues
  • Window Screens

Contact Instructions:

Emergency Maintenance is only reachable by Phone. Please note that E-mailing the Maintenance department will not reach Emergency Maintenance staff during off hours.

To report an emergency after hours, please call (530) 895-4474 and follow the prompts. The Emergency maintenance team should return your call within an hour.

If your maintenance is not an Emergency, please call the number during business hours to report the maintenance issue.

The Emergency Maintenance prompts are only available on the phone system when the Housing Authority is closed.


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