Lifelines in conjunction with the Family Self-Sufficiency Program Coordinating Committee works with support agencies throughout Butte County to help families develop strengths, skills and experiences necessary to achieve economic independence. As we all know, a family's ability to achieve these goals is intricately dependent on access to education, transportation and the removal of barriers to self-sufficiency.

Lifelines recognizes that the access by low-income families to these services is sometimes limited by financial hardship.

Lifelines offers financial assistance to qualifying low-income families in Butte County who do not qualify for financial assistance from traditional community resources for education, transportation and self-sufficiency needs.

Lifelines assist families who are at or below 80% of the median income, are currently receiving ongoing services from a service agency, are enrolled in a formal self-sufficiency plan and have achieved at least one of the following goals:

  • Is enrolled in a school or training program
  • Is employed; or
  • If disabled, is participating in a self-sufficiency program

Lifelines is committed to helping low-income families in Butte County accomplish the self-sufficiency goals necessary to become free of welfare assistance and achieve economic independence and to be able to contribute to the financial health of our communities.

Lifelines, with your financial support, can provide financial assistance, consultation and problem solving with Case Managers as they work to eliminate barriers to self-sufficiency experienced by low-income families in Butte County.

  • Program information:
Douglas Desoto
Housing Authority of the County of Butte (530) 895-4474, extension 231
  • Donation information:
North Valley Community Foundation


Main Office:
2039 Forest Ave.
Chico, CA 95928

Monday - Thurday 9AM to 5PM
Friday 9AM to 12PM

Phone: 530-895-4474
Fax: 530-895-4469
TDD: 800-735-2929

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